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5th February 2022

Dexter’s Day: Wings!

Mummy is going to buy me a drink to help me fly!

Am practising every time I go out for a walk:

I run and jump high in the air

Trying to catch the birds as they pass.

I LOVE chasing birds –

So does my Daddy !

(Whoops! Am in trouble now apparently:

Daddy says he USED to love chasing birds

Until his knees gave up –

No, sorry

Until he met my Mummy!

(Phew! Don’t want to be in the Dog House today!).

ANYWAY – chasing the birds is great fun!

They hide in the shrubs and I run and shout ”boo”

And they jump in the air and FLY…..

There are two HUGE birds on my balcony!

I’ve tried to sneak up to them

But I keep tripping over all of my toys,

Then I see something else to play with

And I forget about them for a while.


But I will fly. I’ll keep trying

Shame about Mummy’s shoulder though –

When I ”take off”, so does her shoulder!

She doesn’t mind


But I need to take her flying with me

So we both need wings

And a biscuit.

I love biscuits too!


Wuff and wags

Dexter x