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12th February 2024

Dexter’s Day: Why?

I’m snuggled up with my Daddy in front of the fire , getting cuddled,
Coz I’ve had a Very Big Fright!
Daddy and Mummy and me and us and we and them, were walking happily with me down through the farms.
It’s one of our favourite walks where I sniff everything; say hello to the farm cat and the farmers
and run around in the long grass and flowers.

Daddy goes back on the lead just before the main road and today, as this happened,
A huge monster dog ran out of the bushes and tried to bite me!
He was so very angry and just jumped onto my side and tried to put his sharp teeth into my coat!

I was shocked! I’d smiled by best smile at him and wagged my tail as he ran, then ‘OUCH’!

Daddy was very angry and kicked the dog away: Mummy shouted at the dog and chased him too.
I didn’t know what to do except I thunked I’d like to go home NOW and be safe…..

I don’t thunk this dog should be out on his own. He’s very strong and covered in marks from fighting.

Me thunks that, tomorrow, we’ll do a different walk – though I thunk the dog didn’t like Daddys boot,
So maybe he’ll leave me alone – and also leave other dogs alone. He is scary!

Wuff and wags
Dexter x