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4th June 2023

Dexter’s Day: Whose a knit?

I thunk Sunday is my favourite day!

Well, apart from Monday, Tuesday, Wedneday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

Today has been very exciting so far: I took Mummy for a walk

But didn’t let her off the lead in case she runs away

Then we went to work to see happy people at their villas.

Now we’ve come home to sleep (me) and clean, (Mummy).

She’s talking to herself while she is dusting and complaining about my hair everywhere!

She says we could knit another Dexter with all of the hair I’m shedding!

I thunk this is a GREAT idea then I would have someone to play with,

Who understood me and thunked like me!

We could run and play and steal stuff and annoy our parents –

Ah, but I’d have to share my food: not happy about that.

I thunk I’ll go around and stick my hair back on so Mummy forgets her idea!


wuff and wags

Dexter x