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28th August 2022

Dexter’s Day: Whoops and whoopsie!

I thunked there was something seriously wrong this morning!

I was helping Mummy feed the cats –

Then Mummy and I played chase around the garden.

Then I started to ”do ” (well ”undo”) the garden,

So Mummy chased me again

And I ran and ran and ran and then , whoops!

The water in my tummy just ”broke free” and came out!


I got a fright!

I didn’t have time to find a bush or a corner or a tree!

I just stood there on all of my legs

And watched!


Mummy laughed at me!

She says I have to exercise my ”pelvic floor”

(What’s a pelvic floor? Can I eat it?)


Anyway, my feet got wet

and I didn’t like it.

So am not letting it happen again!

Until I’m as old as Daddy!


wuff and wags

Dexter x