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26th April 2024

Dexter’s Day: Who is Robert?

Mummy and Daddy and we and they and us, have had a very busy week!

So very many people have been coming to spend their holidays in the wufferly holiday villas Mummy looks after – and Daddys team have been busy trying to fight off naughty , ‘Mr Wind’ who Daddy says flew over from the Sahara in a Coptic!

(What’s a Coptic? Can I eat it? Do I have to go to the Sahara to find it and will I be home for tea?).

Anyway, we are home now for the weekend – well except when Mummy and Daddy need to go back to work and I need them to go and buy more food for my tummy ! Oh and when Daddy and I go for our ‘Boys’ walks’ coz Mummy is a Hoppity! (Course she is! It’s nearly Easter!).

Home is good. I wuff it here. We have lots of things for me to play with, including Brucie cat and Emma cat – and lots of stuff to EEEEEEAAAAAAATTTTTTT!

….and, I heard Mummy and Daddy discussing ‘Robert’: I don’t know who he is and he better not be after my blue three legged monkey, or naughty angel or strange looking thing, coz they are my favourites!

Oh, maybe he’s my new pet! Mummy has been asking if I can have a pet and I’d really like one!

Robert is in the pool……… going to look for him and find out what he’s up to…..

wuff and wags

Dexter x

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