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8th January 2022

Dexter’s Day: When Dexter met Harry!

I’m writing this while my Mummy isn’t looking:

I have to do this because I’ve been VERY naughty this morning-

Even NAUGHTIER than the VERY NAUGHTY I was yesterday-

And Mummy is a little bit annoyed with me.

She’s got her CROSS FACE ON

And it’s not even crinkling around her eyes,

So I know I’m in BIG TROUBLE!


Anyway, I walked away from Angry Mummy, smiling my best smile

And waggling my tail in a , ”I’m a very good dog”, way –



Harry the Cat!

In my house!

On my rug!

Sitting waiting for me!


Mummy had fed him so I know he wasn’t hungry-

So he had obviously come to see MEEEEEEE!


We chatted for a while – about a metre apart.

I worked out my strategy to ”get him”

And he didn’t seem to care:

He ‘thinked me” that he lives with 2 German Shephards,

so he wasn’t frightened of a puppy!



I’m Dexter the Destructordog!

So I showed him…………


I bounced and ran and jumped and ran

And slipped and knocked a plant off,

Then ran some more and slipped on the rug

And knocked an ornament over

Then looked………….and Harry was sitting still!


But he was VERY SCARED! I could tell.

But I’m in the DOG HOUSE now ,

So I’ll have to catch him another day.


I only want to play.

But he only wants to be fed!

(He’s big: do you think he could eat me?)


Wuff and wags

Dexter x