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17th October 2021

Dexter’s Day: What’s a lie in?

Daddy is working again today.
He left VERY early and told me it was Sunday – so let Mummy lie in.

I’m a good boy.
Mummy and I had already played and I’d had breakfast.
So I let her lie in bed and read

I was very quiet:
I broke a pot- quietly into the big puddle.
Then put the plant in upside down and shook it.
Then put teddy bear in for a bath.
Then got gorilla and he joined in the bath.

Then we all splooshed and splooshed and got muddy!

Time to see Mummy!

I can jump onto the bed now!
So I did – and gave her a BIG cuddle
I said in puppy speak: “you lie there Mummy while I take care of everything!”

She didn’t listen coz she jumped up
Called me a little TISH!
Then started running around pulling the toys out of the puddle
And didn’t dry them!

Now we are in the kitchen.
Having the 7th cup of tea
(Well, I’m not: I’ve got the wet mop and am cleaning up the floor).

Mummy has her head in her hands.
She must be having a lie in at the table.
I’ll leave her in peace and clean for now……………

But I’m tired. I’m a puppy. I’m going back to sleeeeeeepppppppppppppppp (Ssh! Mummy Don’t shout!).

Wuff and wags
Dexter x