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3rd October 2021

Dexter’s Day: What is my name?

Oh dear!
I THINK my name is Dexter coz that’s what the humans shout.
But they also shout , ”stop”
‘Get off!”
”Don’t eat that”
and, this morning, quite a lot, ”You little SH*T!”

Don’t know what their problem is.
I’ve been VERY BUSY!
Dug up the purple plant but didn’t eat it because Mummy told me , ”get off”, too many times yesterday!
Gathered some lovely tasty, hard things from the tree outside and tried to eat them to save Mummy doing my breakfast but got told , ”Stop! Don’t eat that!”

I cleaned up the balcony , pulling the big scary brush up and down like Daddy does – and got told , ”get off!”
Then I decided it was time to check out places I hadn’t been to and put some, erm, ”markers” down so I could find them again.
“You little SH*T!”, came the shout – but they weren’t so little! I was VERY proud of them!
They were proper , grown up big dog dumps!
I’m a big dog!

Anyway, Daddy has disappeared through the big, scary wooden thing again with Uncle Don and Mummy is working , so I’m going to have a puppy sleep and dream some good, fast running dreams………..
Though I could sneak back upstairs and put a marker in Uncle Don’s room coz he hasn’t let me in there yet and he’s left his door open!

Got to go……..

Wuff and wags
Dexter x