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25th January 2024

Dexter’s Day: What is happening?

I thunk there is something BIG going on in my house!
Me and Mummy and Daddy and we and us and them, have been very busy:
Everything has been taken out of ‘ Daddy’s ‘ bedroom and the room has been deep cleaned.
Mummy and Daddy have been ‘loudly talking’ about what is staying and going –
(I didn’t hear my name in the ‘going’ list, so I think I’m okay – Daddy too!).

Daddy has moved into mine and Mummy’s bedroom – and he takes up SO much room:
Mummy has had to lie on the settee so that Daddy and I can stretch out in bed –
(It’s a man thing!).

I thunk we are either getting a pet , (oh good! I’d like a pet), or a new bed……
If it’s a new bed, I hope it’s big enough to let Daddy and Mummy sleep with me
Coz I like them both being there. It’s great to snuggle in between them!
I’ll let you know!

Wuff and wags
Dexter x