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20th May 2024

Dexter’s Day: what a shower!

I need the Doggy Ombudsman again!

Mummy and Daddy and they and them, grabbed hold of me and put cold water all over me!

Then they made my fur go all bubbly and poured even more water over me.

Before I knew what had happened, they’ve wrapped me up in towels and tried to stop me moving

THEN I ran away very fast so they couldn’t catch me .

Am going to have a Serious Word with Mr Hosepipe!

he knows I don’t like him coz I’ve bitten him a couple of times –

But he keeps changing colour and getting stronger: I think Daddy brings new ones out!

Anyway , I smelled really lovely according to Mummy and looked shiny – for about 10 minutes.

Until I found the pile of mud that I’d dug out of the plant pots to help in the garden

and rolled around in it a lot!

Now I smell like me again

And I like it!


Wuff and wags

Dexter x