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6th November 2021

Dexter’s Day: Weekend!

I like Friday.
I’m a puppy and I went to the pub!
Well, to a big garden right next to the scary sea!
And I had BEER!

No I didn’t really BUT I’m going to have!
I can almost reach Daddy’s glass and knock it over
I’ll keep practising.

The humans there were very nice.
They brought me a bucket of water.
I threw the water away after I’d paddled in it
Then bit the bucket!
It made a great noise!

I made friends with two little people.
They dug holes with me.
Their humans didn’t like the mud but we did.

Am not hungover today.
Woke Mummy and Daddy at 5.40 am so they could play with me.
Mummy chased me everywhere – don’t think she wanted to play.
Daddy hid under the covers
But I managed to wriggle in and nip his toes
So he got up too!

We’ve had great fun!
I’m so tired now though (it is 11am)
So I’m letting my humans do grown up work
and I’m going to have a sleep for a while.

But Daddy keeps telling me to wake up!
He says if he’s awake, I should be.

Not sure what that is all about.
I’ll get help!

Wuff and wags
Dexter x