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29th August 2022

Dexter’s Day: Wedding Fun!

It’s very exciting!

I’m going to a Wedding today!

Mummy is ironing hers and Daddy’s clothes

and – oh – I’ve not got anything to wear!


Oh, I’m NOT invited?

This isn’t very good!

I’m Dexter the Destructordog!

Course I should be going!

I can eat cake and wag my tail and would talk to everyone!

Ah, that’s why I’m not invited.

Mummy says I’m too boisterous – whatever that is!

(I know I’m a ”boi” but not sure about the ”sterous” bit).


Well, I’ll just sit here, making a nest in the pretty dress and clean shirt…

And maybe chew the sparkly shoes which are here too

A ”boi” has to do what a boy has to do!

(and that will teach them for not taking me!).


Happy Wedding Day Tash and Andy – and many happy labradors too!

wuff and wags

Dexter x