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24th December 2022

Dexter’s Day: Wedding Anniversary!

It’s our Wedding Anniversary today!

35 blissful years (!).

(Am not sure what a ”Wedding Anniversary is?”

”’ and am only a Quickly Growing Strong Dog,

Who ate the puppy –

And am only 18 months old –

AND I don’t remember getting married!



I thunk it’s a Good Thing.

Coz Mummy is telling Daddy that he is Happy!

And that they are both Very Lucky –

So A Wedding Anniversary seems to be,

A Lovely thing!


If Mummy and Daddy are happy,

Then I’m happy.

But I’m ALWAYS happy!

Especially when I go for walks

and take my people to Yialos

And get Pork Chops!



Happy Wedding Anniversary Day!

and Happy ”oh look I’ve pulled another thing off the tree” Day too!


Get married and get a dog –

and give it presents and pork chops and beer:

This is Dexter’s Day Law!


Wuff and wags

Dexter x