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29th November 2021

Dexter’s Day: Water off a dog’s back!

I took my humans to Latchi yesterday ,

with Aunty Jane and Uncle Steve.

They all behaved quite well,

though I was a bit worried when the Big Scary Sea shouted at us

And the boat started to roll side to side.

Aunty Jane is crazy!

She hung over the back and the side of the boat,

Trying to catch the waves

And something floating in them

Which had fallen in by accident.


Mummy is also crazy

She sat on her bottom,

Rolling from one side of the boat to the other,

playing ”up and down” with a big metal chain.


Daddy just shouted at everyone

While Uncle Steve tried to help Aunty Jane.


I stayed safe in my life jacket,

Snuggled on the settee,

Pressing into the side, so I didn’t roll around.

I hugged my teddy bear

and lay my head on the cushion –

And let the humans get on with it!


I’ll don’t understand humans.

If they’d just sat still, they wouldn’t have made so much noise.

The Big Scary Sea was just showing how strong it is

And the black clouds got scared and went away.


When we tied the boat back up,

There was CHICKEN!

I love chicken!

I can eat that!


I’m a brave puppy

so I got TWO pieces –

and next time , I get a beer too!


(Okay, so I don’t

but I’m too young to drink anyway).


wuff and wags

Dexter x