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7th February 2022

Dexter’s Day: Walking with Giants!

I tied my Aunty Susie to me

And took her for a walk down the pretty lane.

The peacocks hide in the trees

but you can hear them.

And the birds torment me as I walk

But I cannot catch them.

We took Mummy with us too.

She and Aunty Susie talked SO much,

I ALMOST got into Big Trouble !

When they weren’t looking, I pulled hard on the lead

And pulled Aunty Susie into the banana groves!

It was muddy.

And it was funny.

But the ladies didn’t laugh.

I would have laughed

But I’d stolen a banana and was hiding it

In my mouth.


Aunty Susie is SO tall!

Her legs are long and slim

Just like mine

Though she only used two of her limbs on the ground

and I like all 4 down,

Except when I’m cuddling Mummy.


I think Aunty Susie is really a giant.

I thought this to Mummy –

And Mummy agreed and said that

Aunty Susie has the heart of a Giant,

So that makes her special.

So I shouldn’t be scared of giants and monsters,

Mummy told me, because most of them

And soft and mushy and lovely, underneath.


The mud was soft and mushy but I don’t think

That was what Mummy meant.


Am going to walk my Giant again very soon.

It was Very Good Fun!

And I learned how to make a banana split!

(That was a joke!).


wuff and wags

Dexter x