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10th August 2023

Dexter’s Day: Walking the talk.

I put Mummy on her lead very early this morning.

Daddy person had left for work before the sun started work today,

So I thought I should do something nice for Mummy

And take her to my walk and the fields and the bushes,

So she could have a good old sniff off the world before her working day started.

We have a wufferly walk! We met two farmers , three crows and the Black Cat.

The cat owns the farmer who gives Mummy, ‘wonky tomatoes’ – he’s very nice!

So is the cat!

I’d like to make friends with him but he’s a bit ‘stuck up’ and just turns his face up.

Only thing was, I had plans for my walk but Mummy wanted to talk to me……

I was thunking to myself, ‘can I get ear pods for Christmas? Or sooner? Like now?”

I pretended that I was listening: I’ve learned this from Daddy:

you just smile at her now and again and keep doing what you are doing……

It worked- and we walked happily – but I’m glad to be home coz it’s HOT!


Wherever you are walking today, have a peaceful one!

Wuff and wags

Dexter x