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12th October 2021

Dexter’s Day: walking on Eggshells!

At 4am this morning, my Mummy said she was walking on eggshells around the bedroom!
She was trying not to put the light on to wake Daddy up – and I had squeaky toys EVERYWHERE!

It was great fun!
I was throwing them high in the air!
They made lovely noises hitting the plants and the pretty things!

Then I tidied up with the big scary brush and made EVEN MORE NOISE!

Mummy wasn’t walking on eggshells though
I checked.
I only ate one of her shoes and she had the other on – and there were no eggs?

She stood on my squeaky pork chop and said a rude word!
In her very Angry Voice!
Which makes me laugh coz it’s not angry at all!

We played and played.
Mummy is good at fetch!
I threw toys at Daddy in his bed
And Mummy picked them up and brought them back
And said, ”Dexter: that is naughty!” in a Big Voice
But she didn’t mean it coz she was showing her teeth!

I like playing in the dark !
Still couldn’t find these eggshells this morning.
Maybe Mummy needs to sleep!

Or she was just making a yoke for me?

I’m a puppy!
I’m very funny!

And I’m very tired now the sun has come up .
So am going to sleep while Mummy goes to work……………………..xxxxxxxxxx

Wuff and Wags.
Dexter x