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5th November 2023

Dexter’s Day: Walking Fuffy

I thunked it would be a good idea, to walk Mummy this morning,
coz it’s a beautiful day and she’s been asleep for far too long – past 6am!

So I shouted a lot by the gate and took the end of my ruined lead and gave her ‘cute eyes’!
She understood immediately – and went and found me a chew!

“Noooo”, I thunked even more loudly, ” I want to go for a walk. In the big world. With humans”,
And it worked.

We drove to one of my favourite places, (Well,Mummy did: I kept watch in the back), then we walked
and walked and sniffed, (this was me ) , then watched, (both of us), then poo’d, (only me), then picked up the poo, (Yuk! Definitely Mummy! I knowed where it came from!), then we walked some more –
then we were tired! (Both of us) – so we drove home. (Mummy: I was too tired to even ‘look out’).

Now Mummy is sleeping again. So I’ve stolen her computer and am writing to you all.
but I’ve broken one of the buttons and it’s starting to put ‘F’ where is should put “M”!

Oh, dear. Fe thunks, Fe is in deep trouble! Oh Muck!”

Wuff and wags
Dexter x