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25th August 2022

Dexter’s Day: Walkies!

Am thunking that the mornings are easier than the evenings.

Mummy is always ”very keen” (!) to get out of bed

And chase me around the garden for an hour –

Especially if I dig up her flowers and she wants them back!


Daddy isn’t as keen in the mornings.

He likes his Lovely Cup of Tea –

And sometimes Mummy and I chat about this

And we thunk that we’ll throw it at him

To make him get up –

But we don’t.

Coz we have fun together just the two of us.


I do take Mummy AND Daddy for a long walk every night.

They sometimes need to be ”made” to walk:

I have lots of pieces of old , chewed leads

That I give to them as a hint  –

But Daddy is shouting at the TV about answers

And Mummy is doing dishes –

So I have to jump VERY high

To get their attention and put them on the lead!


I was thunking to them that we need to go out earlier

Coz it’s getting darker earlier

And if the girl doggies cannot see me in the dark,

How will they know how gorgeous I am?


But my parents seem to thunk that it’s okay to have their tea

Then have ANOTHER Lovely Cup of Tea

Then watch quiz things

Then put their shoes on

THEN get the water and the poo bag

THEN let me put them on the lead!


It’s SOOOOOO long – and I need to take them out!


Anyway, we are home now.

And it was a GREAT walk.

I met one of my favourite girl dogs

And we had a sniff and cuddle

Then I jumped in the dust

And then I made a mess in Daddy’s car!


I thunk I like walkies  A LOT!

Same again tomorrow.

Night night

Wuff and wags

Dexter x