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24th January 2023

Dexter’s Day: Walkies!

I thunk my parents are getting old!

When they came in from work tonight,

I had my teeth cleaned and my coat on,

And I was ready for a WALK!

But they weren’t!

They wanted a Lovely Cup of Tea,

Then a chat

Then to start cooking….


What’s a doggy to do?

I need to go out on my sniffing routine,

And checkout the cats near the bins near Solos taverna.

Then I have to poo in the bushes, making a tent to hide in

(Then laugh while Mummy has to come in and find it LOL!).

Plus if it’s a Really Good Day, I meet the lovely little boy

Who lets me shake his paw and run after his bike….



Luckily, so did my parents.

Once they realised that I had Mummy’s new training shoes

And two pairs of Daddy’s pants,

They got ready and Off We Went!


It was SUCH good fun!

Mummy is having a GnT to recover

And Daddy is lying down!

Roll on tomorrow……


wuff and wags

Dexter x