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2nd February 2024

Dexter’s Day: Waggly Tail and Comfort Call

I was dreaming of chasing around the fields and running very fast, with my parents off the lead.
It was such good fun that me legs were going ‘full pelt’ and I ran to quickly, I couldn’t see my Mummy!

It was so scary!
Then I thunk I woke up quickly, ran outside for to ‘stretch my legs’ then came back to Planet Bed –
and Mummy wasn’t there!
OMG I was so worried! I thunked that something had happened to her – then I saw her snuggled up.

So I climbed onto the bed and snuggled onto Mummy, waking her up with my paws and kisses,
To tell her about my dream and how worried I was I’d lost her – and how scared I was that I couldn’t see her in Planet Bed – but told her it was all okay! She was there and so was I –
But I didn’t leave her alone all night, just in case anything scary happened again.

Not sure what went on but OMG, my Mummy looked scary this morning!
I thunk she had a fright too, coz her hair was standing on end –
and her eyes hadn’t opened fully even when she went out to work!

Me? I’ll be sleeping soundly on the settee now the parents have gone and it’s light
so the monsters cannot get me and I can have happy dreams!

wuff and wags
Dexter x