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14th July 2023

Dexter’s Day: Visitors!

Me and Mummy and we, are very busy at the moment.

I’m busy all the time coz I have things to do and things to thunk about-

like chasing Brucie cat and grabbing flies – and picking Daddy’s tomatoes (!) –

But it’s Even More busy at the moment – coz we’ve got house guests!

I like House Guests.

I couldn’t eat a whole one but it’s wufferly having good people in my house,

Who stay all day with me and feed me and talk to me and play with me

and feed me again……

My ‘Love Island’ houseguests went home on Wednesday and I was sad:

So were Mummy and Daddy :

But today, I’ve got new house guests! And it’s exciting!

I’ve unmade their bed and put my hairs all over their clean bathroom

Coz I did the ‘tail wag check’.

Now Mummy is even more busy and up before silly o’clock, trying to clean up.

It’s good fun but I need a lie in now……


wuff and wags

Dexter x