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1st November 2021

Dexter’s Day: Visit to the Vet

It’s been a very busy evening.

Firstly the big, wooden door wouldn’t open to give Mummy my food.
Something was stuck.
I don’t like ”something”.
Am not sure what it is but it’s horrible!

Then I was eating —-and it was all gone!

So Mummy and I went to find Brucie cat.

Mummy is worried about him.
He has lost his voice.
I think this is because he’s a cat and he is horrible to me!
He keeps jumping off the branches over the table
And trying to land on my head!

(I wonder if ”something” stole his voice like it tried to steal my food?”)

Anyway, Brucie had lost his voice completely.
It was wonderful!
OUCH! (sorry Mummy).
It was very sad- so Mummy went to see the Vet.

(I don’t know why: she was okay. It was Brucie with the problem
you humans are strange!).

The Vet said Brucie has a virus.
I want a virus
Can I eat it?

So Mummy has special liquid to put on Brucie’s food
AND she bought him extra nice ham!
AND she made his bed all snuggly and warm
AND she cuddled him and wouldn’t let me play!

Brucie is now asleep in his bed.
Daddy is in the Dog House, (don’t ask!)
And I’m in the front room watching the screen thing.

It’s all good
But we need to find Brucie’s voice.
Maybe tomorrow.
I’m a puppy and I’m tired now………… (ps I’ve given Brucie my photo space coz he isn’t well).

Wuff and Wags
Dexter x