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1st September 2023

Dexter’s Day: Very Busy Boy!

I thunk I love to have family with me!

Especially great nieces and great nephews! They are wufferly

but I couldn’t eat a whole one!

Max and Lily are at my house with their parents and my parents

and I’m teaching them all to play REALLY GOOD!

I’m a better footballer than Max but he does better handstands in the water.

I cannot do them coz I don’t have hands! And I don’t like the pool

but I DO like playing very much.

When nobody is looking, I let Lily feed me – LOTS!

Then I pretend to her Mum that I’m hungry – and she feeds me too!

I can eat and eat to keep strong so I can run faster and faster.

Mummy seems sad coz I’m sleeping in Max’s bed not Mummy and Daddy

But I’ll go back there when there are only the three of us at home –

or until I’ve someone else to keep me company!

Wuff and wags

Dexter x

Category: Dexter's Day