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24th July 2022

Dexter’s Day: Upcycling?

Oh dear!

I’m being ”up cycled” today!

Not sure what this is – can I eat it?

Am a bit scared though coz Daddy has got paint pots and brushes out

And he won’t let me eat them – so maybe he’s going to paint spots on me?

Oh No!

I don’t want to be a spotty dog!

I’m A Black Labrador, Dexter the Destructordog!

Get away from me with the brush!…..


I see.

It’s not me. (Phew).

It’s the small set of drawers that I chewed.

They are having a ”makeover”…..

Mmmm. “”Daddy, can I help you? I have taken one of the brushes, ready to help”……..


Seems not!.

Am in the Dog House for a while.

(Thunking about this place: it could do with being ”upcycled ” too –

and maybe become a FOOD CUPBOARD!


wuff and wags

Dexter x