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4th November 2023

Dexter’s Day: Treasure Hunt!

Me and Mummy and we and us and I and her, have had a wufferly few hours.
Mummy is at home with me ALL OF THE TIME right now – coz she’s not too well
But she’s feeling better today coz I ‘slopped’ her all night long to make sure she was okay!

When she was sleeping, I was thunking she wasn’t breathing, so I woked her up with kisses!
Then dive bombed her A LOT!
and she smiled crinkly eyes at me, so she’s getting better.

I thunked today it would be good for her to have fresh air- so I stole washing off the line
And she had to chase me around the pool. But very slowly .
It was Really Good Fun! For me. But on the way Mummy found more treasures,
So got her ‘cross voice’ out and told me, “Dexter, we are tidying up your things now!”

It took so very long! I have things everywhere. Pants and shoes and teddy bears and lions,
And gorilla and rude angel and more pants and crocodile and chew x 3 – there are a lot!
Then Bruce cat started to cry for food, so Mummy went to feed him –
so I stoled some of my treasures back and ran away with them again!

Mummy says she’s ‘given up’ and has gone to make a Lovely Cup of Tea,
So I thunk I’ll give up as well and go and on her knee…..
And hope she doesn’t get her hands on my sausages which I’ve hidded on the chair…..

Wuff and wags
Dexter x