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3rd February 2023

Dexter’s Day: Travels….

I thunk I’ve had a busy week:

I’ve been sent to Coventry twice this week!

(Thunk it must be invisible place coz I don’t remember it –

But I know my parents weren’t speaking to me!

Not sure why?

I thought Mummy liked me stealing the clean washing and rubbing it in mud?

And Daddy didn’t need his sunglasses coz it was raining  –

AND potatoes need to be thrown around! That’s why they are there!).

Anyway, today I’m home – (I think Coventry must be in my home too?)

But I’m in the Dog House!

Or the ”Back garden” – again!


I thunk it woz because I ate through a wire that was annoying me

So Mummy and Daddy couldn’t sit on their machines

That take their smiles away

AND the TV wasn’t working!


Anyway, I thunk it will all be okay now

Coz the man has been. There is a new tasty wire

AND I’m giving Mummy, ”Cute eyes”.


She’s a pushover.

Not that Daddy thunks so!


Wuff and wags

Dexter x