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29th March 2022

Dexter’s Day: Training School?

I’m quite shocked.

Mummy and Daddy have just told me that

They’ve booked two days training school!

I thunked to myself that, they are fairly well behaved:

I mean they feed me regularly and let me sleep on their bed –

And let me sit on their knees

And they take me out for good long walks each day …



I”M going to Training School!

Not them!


I know how to behave badly –

And I love other dogs and cats and birds

(Well, I love to chase them!)

And I’m nice to my new friends –

I’ve only eaten three socks.

And I help Mummy around the house by making a mess

So she can do , ”woman’s work”…..

What have I got to learn?


To be charming.

And to come back when shouted for.

And to listen.


Daddy’s coming with me…..


wuff and wags

Dexter x