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2nd March 2024

Dexter’s Day: Trading up!

Me and Mummy and we and us, have had a really good morning!
We got up before the sun and sat on the step coz I wouldn’t go back to bed and sleep:
Mummy fed me my favourite breakfast and she had a lovely cup of tea.

Then she went back to bed – so I divebombed her so she’d get up again!
(I thunk tea is running out coz Mummy had 8 or 9 before she opened her eyes fully!).

We played a great game for a few hours: Mummy took the covers off the bed – and I rolled in them so she couldn’t pick them up !
Then she kept putting clothes in the machine with the hole in- and when she turned around, I pulled some out!

When the clothes were wet, she put them on the ‘thing’ outside to dry and went to get more –
and I pulled them off and brought them back into the kitchen, to the machine!
So the ‘thing’ was moved out of my way – except it wasnt: I stole pants and socks and teatowel and tshirt.

When Mummy was having her, “Dexter, leave me alone for 5 minutes”, lovely cup of tea,
I took the clothes to her, one by one:
For me to leave go of the pants, I got a biscuit. For the socks, I got two biscuits; for the t towel, I got three biscuits and for the t shirt, I got a chew! It’s a good bargaining game!

For trying to do it all over again though, I got smacked and shouted at – and I’m in Big Trouble!

Happy Days
Wuff and wags
Dexter x