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18th July 2023

Dexter’s Day: Too Hot to Trot!

Oh my goodness, gracious me!

It’s TOOOOO hot! Even lying on my back with my tummy under aircon,

I’m still very, very hot  – and so very glad to be inside my home with cool around.

I thunk it must be very hard for the many doggies, cats, birds and animals

who don’t have Mummies and Daddies to keep them cool –

So I thunk it would be wufferly if we could all help

and make sure there is cool water and shade available for them if we can.

I make sure Brucie and Scrappy cat get fresh water every day –

and that the birdies have water baths around the garden –

and chase Brucie and Scrappy away from them so the birds can bath!

Mummy and Daddy have to drink lots of water too – but Mummy prefers wine!

Daddy is good and drinks lots of water – and tea! He Wuffs tea!

I don’t like to walk in this weather coz it hurts my paws

but I do like to run around the garden late at night and at silly o’clock, mornings.


It won’t be too long and I’ll be back ‘strutting my stuff’ on the quiet roads,

Talking to the trees with Mummy and saying hello to the farmers.

It’s hot – but it’s cool to live here in Peyia!

keep safe!

wuff and wags

Dexter x