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22nd October 2021

Dexter’s Day: Toilet Training!

I’m a VERY good boy!
Mummy claps her hands when I pee!
Well, she claps her hands when I pee outside- but she gets her cross face if I pee inside!

I’m very good at hiding my poo though:
I hid some in Uncle Mike’s shoe, so Mummy couldn’t see it.
I hid some under the mat in the room
I hid some in the flowers……

Am helping Mummy and Daddy with toilet training.
I follow each of them into the toilet during the night.
They go in separately because there isn’t much room in there!

When Mummy sits down, I jump up onto her knees to help keep her warm.
She doesn’t seem very happy about this
But I give her my cute face and she cuddles me
Shés been practising though coz she doesn’t sit there long.

I help Daddy but he isn’t very good
He doesn’t sit down much
I try to climb up the back of his legs as he stands
But he says, ”Get down, Dexter”

I don’t know where they hide their poo!
I’ve dug up the garden and looked.
I tipped the plants out and looked.
I’ve even checked in one of every pair of shoes……

Maybe humans don’t do this?
Though I think they do coz Daddy says some of them are full of TISH! (hee hee).

Anyway, it’s tiring toilet training humans.
I’m a puppy .
I’ve peed and am going to sleep now…..

Wuff and wags
Dexter x