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2nd November 2022

Dexter’s Day: Time for Bed!

I thunk I need to get my parents some better training!

When I’m sleepy, I need to go to bed

and sometimes, they don’t come with me!

So I have to get up again

And remind them it’s bedtime!

Coz I don’t want them waking me up when they come to bed .


I don’t mind them sharing my bed with me.

But I’m a Big Dog now

And I need to be comfortable

So I choose my space

so I need them to curl up and not kick me!

But if I’m in bed first and they try to get in

They try to MOVE ME!

And it wakes me up!


I thunk they each grow four legs

and wriggle and wriggle

just to tickle me



Am thunking we need a bigger bed….


wuff and wags

Dexter x