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10th December 2023

Dexter’s Day: Thunking and hoping.

I am thunking to myself that it’s a very special time of year:
it must be coz Mummy is putting lots of pretty things and toys around the house.
I thunk I’m not supposed to play them – but it’s too much fun! So I do!

Mummy and Daddy are busy making plans. They thunk I don’t know but I know EVERYTHING!
They are happy and they are sad – and I know that they are thunking of lots of people right now…..

It’s very sad that you people cannot see the amount of angels, love and energy around you:
There are very special lights and sparkles, wrapping around you each and giving you hugs.

I love hugs: I love to hug Mummy and Daddy – especially when they are in bed!

Anyway, today I want to send big hugs to a lot of people who I know are feeling very sad:
My friend who prints my blogs, whose husband has just taken his angel wings: very big hugs to her xxxx
Fletcher, whose wife lost a big battle with a nasty disease ……..
And hugs to everyone who is hurting and feeling very sad right now.

Mummy and Daddy are going a very long way away soon, to see our family and say goodbye to Steve.
I’m filling them up with extra big hugs, so they can take them home with them and share them about.
I’ve got tons and tons of hugs to share and big Dexter smiles to give out too!

Life is for living and running and eating and loving and smiling and eating some more-
and just being together with loved ones.

so I’m getting all of my toys out of the toy box and gonna give them a big hug too
and am sending big smiles and hugs to you all too.

Wuff and wags
Dexter x