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12th January 2024

Dexter’s Day: Thunking about stuff….

I’ve been thunking that I very much like to write to you all – and I wuff that some of you write back!
Maybe I’m not a Destructer Dog: maybe I’m very wise and know stuff!
Good stuff, like what to eat to be happy; how to make your parents laugh; how to get VERY muddy; and how to make a mess then put on Cute Eyes!

I’ll be three whole doggy years and 21 people years this year though not for a while. (I’ve tried to count on my paws but there were so muddy, I just cleaned them instead).

Really I don’t thunk a lot about one thing: I just thunk lots of things! Life is so busy and fun, that’s it’s better to just keep smiling, wagging my tail and being busy.

I was a bit busy upstairs today ! (Photos below). Am in Big Trouble – till I make my parents laugh again!

Happy Friday
Wuff & Wags
Dexter x