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10th February 2023

Dexter’s Day: Thruple!

It’s Valentines weekend – well sort of

And Mummy was asking Daddy if he’d go out with her to somewhere romantic

But he said he couldn’t coz it’s not just about he and Mummy – there is MEEEEEE too!

There are 3 of us!

So we are a THRUPLE!


It’s like being famous! (Will the paparazzi come along?)

(What’s a Thruple ? Can I eat it?)……


So we are going to be loving, (me and Mummy); romantic , (Mummy),

Cuddly, (me) and together (in a Thruple) , all weekend.

Well, apart from when Mummy has to go to work , then go shopping

And Daddy has to go to the pub, then watch football on TV on his own downstairs….


But we three will be snuggled up together , in our bed, keeping warm

and waking up at Silly O’clock to begin another happy day of ”Thruple stuff”.


I wuff my parents xx

wuff and wags

Dexter x

ps This is my ”come to bed” look for Valentines Day!