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26th January 2022

Dexter’s Day: Thoughts are living things.

Daddy says I have the attention span of a gnat!

(What’s a gnat? Can I eat it?).

I don’t think this is true

It’s just that there are SO many things to learn

And do and find and sniff and investigate and rip up,

It’s a busy life being a puppy!


Also, my thoughts use up a lot of energy.

Mummy and I talk a lot about this :

”Thoughts are living things” –

I don’t need words coz I have a waggly tail,

Lots of thoughts and a soul full of love –

So I’m always ”on the go”.


I think lots about how I love my parents and my people:

I don’t like it when they are sad so I do EXTRA SPECIAL BIG LOVE thoughts to them.

I’ve got a list in my heart of who I need to think too –

And , Rude Angel, Santa, Shawn, Tree and Gorilla and me

”talk” about this a lot – and I ask their help.


They aren’t very good at helping.

Only when my parents are asleep and we are all playing.

Then they try to think and help

But mainly I put my thoughts on them

And they ”share” them out when humans touch them.


I’m thinking a lot about my people:

Especially the very sad ones

So I’ve got Mummy up at EXTRA SILLY O”CLOCK

So we can make extra wishes and more loving energy

and share thoughts.


I also wanted my breakfast.

So I ”thought” this to Mummy, at 4.05am!



So thoughts really are living things

and ”thinking” takes the love and energy where it’s needed……


Now I need to think good about how to open the Big Scary Wooden Door

All by myself.

Then Mummy can lie in a bit



Sending you all loving thoughts.

Wuff and wags

Dexter x