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11th August 2023

Dexter’s day: This little piggy went to market….

Life is very interesting, isn’t it?

My new best friend, is a little pig. He’s pink and chewy and cute and noisy.

We’ve lived together for a week now and I haven’t eaten him.

Well ,not all of him – but he’s a bit chewed around the edges!

Today, my Aunty Jane person came to see me coz I was on my own

And she was missing me – and she brought me a new toy!

Sausages! Made out of, OMG, BIG piggies! I was shocked!

So my little piggy could end up like sausages and not be a piggy any more!

This is horrible!

Except that the sausages were wufferly and had faces…..

Oh, I thunk  I may have to become a vegetarian….

BUT I’m a dog! And they are not real! So it’s all okay!

(Where’s my pig? I’m going to let him eat a sausage too!).

Wuff and wags

Dexter x