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26th March 2022

Dexter’s Day: Thinking Day

Mummy and me have had a Thinking Day.

The house has been quiet

Coz Daddy is at work

And my friends have gone out to play with humans,

So Mummy and I have walked and cleaned and thunked and cuddled

And thunked some more.


I thunked about what to eat.

I LOVE to eat!

I also thunked to Mummy about Harry cat,

Coz I haven’t seen him all week.

Am now very sad , coz Harry is in cat hospital

Where he is being Very Well Looked After,

Mummy says

But I want him to come home.


I like Harry, Brucie and Scrappy.

I wouldn’t eat them

But I like to chase them

And Harry is my favourite.

I think he is the Fastest Cat in the World!


Mummy says he’ll be home soon

So I shouldn’t worry.

So I’m going to thunk about  more food for a while.


wuff and wags

Dexter x