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20th November 2021

Dexter’s Day: Things to Do!

We have many ”Things to Do”, today
according to my Mummy.

Am not sure what they are
But I hope I can eat some of them!

Daddy is at work today
But I helped him eat his breakfast before he went.
He had one slice of toast
and I had the other.

When Mummy had her toast
and her cup of ”peace and quiet”,
I pretended I hadn’t had any toast,
So she shared hers with me.

I love my Mummy and Daddy.
They feed me good!
(I don’t love the Big Wooden Door:
It still won’t let me in –
but I’m getting bigger –
and I’m going to DIVE on it!

These ”Things to Do” are fun so far:
Mummy made clothes flat on the table thing
And I made them ”curly” again
by pulling them onto the floor!

I have helped to pull the wet things
Off the machine and onto the floor,
Then rolled on them
So they smell better like me!

Mummy brought my bed downstairs
and put my toys into the box,
so she could walk on the floor –
Then I found them!
And got them all out again!
I’m good at Hide and Seek!

Mummy says she is ”exasperated” with me!
So I’m sitting on her knee
And she cannot reach her peace and quiet
But she’s cuddling me tight

These are good ”Things to Do”!
Hope you do them too, today.

Wuff and Wags
Dexter x