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10th February 2023

Dexter’s Day: Things that make you feel better!

Mummy teaches me to be very kind.

I thunk this is a Very Good Thing!

I wuff being kind : I’m kind to my parents, my people, the cats and the birds….

I cover them in kisses when I can catch any of them

And throw my toys at them too!


I wanted to be VERY kind to my Mummy and Daddy,

So I gathered some of my favourite things,

That make me feel better –

and I put them in my parents bed last night!

It was great fun, coz they kept finding things as they wiggled:

Panda was there, and stick – and bit of rope and Aunty Jane’s shoe

AND a Very Big Stone! It’s my favourite!


I thunk I’ve not understood something coz Mummy and Daddy didn’t seem happy!

They kept saying in their very loud voices, “Dexter! Is this yours?”

Course it was!

Did they think someone else had been in their beds , hee hee.


Wuff and wags

Dexter x