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10th October 2021

Dexter’s Day: There is another dog!

I have friends!
I like humans but dogs are the best!

Bill and Ben are my new friends!
They must like me because Bill kept smiling loudly at me!

And they brought their humans to meet me!
I like their Mummy!
She smells good and likes to run with me and Bill and Ben!

And I’m BIGGER than them!
And I’m only a Puppy!

They are different colours to me
But they are very good looking!

I like them!
When I have my party for being 16 weeks old, they are coming .

They can come to my house too
but they cannot play with my teddy bear.
And I’ll hide Angel coz she’s still rude
But I’ll show them where the nasty brush is
And we can kill it together!

I’m so happy!
There are dogs!
I have furry friends!
Brucie and Harry cat still aren’t speaking to me
But they will come and play with me and Bill and Ben!

Am tired now.
I’m a puppeeeeeeeeeeee who has friends!

Wuff and waggs
Dexter x