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27th October 2022

Dexter’s Day. The World is upside down!

I thunk things are Very Strange!

At Silly O”clock, when I wake up Mummy,

the world is still asleep!

It’s dark outside and I’m scared to go out!

So, when Mummy gets up,

I get straight back into bed with Daddy

And stay there until Mummy brings

A Lovely Cup of Tea – and shouts at me for getting her up so early!


Then at teatime, which is Dexter Time,

Daddy and Mummy and Me and I and them

go for a Very Long Walk –

But the sun goes to sleep Very Early again

And we have to run home before it gets dark!


I was chatting to the cats about this

and they said they love the dark coz they can see

So I asked to borrow their special eyes

but they just laughed at me

and said they’d ”get me back” for being naughty with them –

and they are going to hide in Very Dark Places

to scare me.


I thunk this is Very Mean!

But I did steal all of their food-

but only when the sun was awake and I could see!


wuff and wags

Dexter x