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26th December 2022

Dexter’s Day: The Spirit of Christmas

We had a wufferly Christmas Day!

Some of my very favourite people were here –

and I got Presents!

Coz I only have 3.5 million things

And need some more!…….

(am saving them up to share with my new puppies:

shhhhh! Don’t tell Daddy!).


Anyway, I thunk Mummy was sad/happy.

I could see the ”blue light” around her

So I kept snuffling her to let her know I woz there.

I thunked to her that she needed to look around at the pretty lights:


The full room was filled with beautiful energies and sparkles!

They were wrapping around everyone

And bringing Happy Thoughts and Love

To everyones soul……


Thing is, people aren’t good at seeing these:

Normally , they are too busy talking or eating

Or drinking and eating –

But we doggies can see the energies – and we catch the sparkles

Then take them to our humans,

To make them feel better.


I thunk the whole house was full of spirit sparkle!

And I hope that your houses

and your hearts

Are full of sparkle too.


It’s okay to be sad.

As long as you know you are loved.


Happy Holidays!

Wuff and wags

Dexter x