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8th October 2021

Dexter’s Day: The ”Socks” Talk!

What is going on?
I’m only 13 weeks old!

I’ve only just had my last injection and had my special ”name medal” put into my back so I don’t get lost!

I’ve only just learned to climb on the settee.

I’ve got the ”cute eyes” thing off properly now – in fact, I’m better than Daddy and get my own way more than he does now!

..But today, Mummy says we need to have the ‘Talk about Socks”!

I’m too young!
I’ve found my lipstick but I don’t want to know what to do with it.
Am just playing with it at the moment…

Oh, she’s here! I’ve got to sit and listen…..

Daddys socks’?
Stealing them?
Hiding them?
Rubbing them in the mud?

We are talking SOCKS!

I need a lie down. I was scared for a while back then…………..

Wuff and Wags
Dexter x