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4th January 2022

Dexter’s Day: The Seat of Power!

I’m not allowed to sit on the chairs in the lounge,

So I sit on Mummy’s knee

While SHE sits on the chair in the lounge.

I’ve done this since I was a small dog –

But Mummy says I’ve eaten her puppy

And become a BIG, heavy dog!

But she still lets me sit on her knee

And we go to sleep and snore.

Well I do.

Mummy cannot get comfortable because I ate her puppy!


Yesterday, I was VERY HELPFUL!

Mummy wasn’t feeling too well

So I warmed up her chair for her

So we could both sit down very happily

And the chair would be warm .


But I feel asleep on it

And neither Mummy or Daddy could move me

Coz I’ve eaten EVERYTHING!

But I had lovely dreams –

And when I woke up,

I went to sit on Mummy’s knee on the sofa!

So we are all happy!


Have a lovely day!

Wuff and wags

Dexter x