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4th January 2023

Dexter’s Day: The Princess and the Red Onion

Mummy told me a Fairy Story yesterday,

About the Princess and the Pea.

She said she was explaining to me

That ladies are delicate than men – and dogs –

So I should stop dive-bombing her at high speed

And maybe consider not sleeping the whole length of her

With my head in her shoulder,

All through the night.

Coz I’m heavy.

And coz the Princess was uncomfortable

Even with only a pea in the mattress!


I thunked this was funny!

So I hid a large red onion in the bed,

which Mummy only found this morning

When she was making the bed

And after I’d slept all night on top of her

Apart from when I jumped on and off

To patrol the balcony!


So I thunk Mummy isn’t delicate at all!

She’s my Mummeeeeeeeeeeee

And I love to dive bomb her

and I thunk she loves it to!


Am going to hide a turnip next!

(Well, she hides my toys!).


wuff and wags

Dexter x