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7th December 2023

Dexter’s Day: The Magic of Little Granny!

Since I woke up this morning, I was thunking to myself that my Mummy was sad,
So I double dive-bombed her in bed, then , when she wriggled free, I’ve followed her everywhere.
I thunked to her, ‘what’s wrong?’ and gave her my paw , so we had a Lovely Cup of Tea and talked…

Today is the first anniversary of my Little Granny, my Mum’s Mummy, taking her angel wings and flying off into the Heavens. Mummy has explained to me that she feels better that my Little Granny is out of pain and resting now – but that she misses her and misses talking nonsense on the telephone to her.
I thunked, ‘Mummy, you always talk nonsense: just ask Daddy!’ but I smiled and snuggled her more…

I’ve heard lots of stories about Little Granny: she was very funny, naughty, clever, sad and happy,
all mixed up in an incredible woman. Mummy and Daddy talk about her a lot – and Daddy calls her, ‘George the Dragon’! (I didn’t know people could breath fire but Daddy said Little Granny could!).

Anyway, Mummy says today is going to be about being grateful for Little Granny’s life; for thunking lovely, happy thoughts and for allowing some tears while we are out walking together. Mummy is staying home with me for the day, so we’ve got lots of quiet time to thunk and snuggle together.

It would have been wufferly to have met my Little Granny but she couldn’t come to Cyprus when I was little coz she wasn’t well – but, if I’m not mistaken, I thunk I have met her! Am sure she has been making mischief in the kitchen and smiling at me and Mummy and we and us as she does this! In fact, I thunk she is everywhere around us all!

(Oh, maybe I could blame Little Granny for pulling the Christmas tree over?!).

As I’m thunking to my Mummy, I’ll tell you too: Don’t be sad: thanks to Little Granny and her completely, crazy, difficult and happy-at-times-life, we have a whole loving family to be grateful for – and we are.

Wuff and wags and happy memories.
Dexter x