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3rd November 2021

Dexter’s Day: The Ladies Came!

I couldn’t write last night
Because the Ladies came here to my house!
(Not the Dog House – there isn’t room for them all!).

Mummy was all excited!
So was I!
(What are ”ladies”? They must be nice because Mummy dusted the house).

I saw 8 legs come through the gate…
(Why don’t you humans use all four limbs?
Makes it much easier to smell each others bottoms!).

Anyway, they all smelt lovely
And one of them was Aunty Jane!

Mummy took two of the ladies upstairs for a Very Long Time
I checked on them to make sure they weren’t eating my stick or plant pot!

Then I tied Aunty Jane and her Mummy, onto me
And took them for a walk up the hill.

They think I’m cute – so I was VERY CUTE
And behaved well for them

Till we got home.

Then I ran and ran and played and made a noise.
We all sat outside when Daddy came home
And Brucie sat at the table with us.

Then we had a BIG FIGHT
And Brucie won but I don’t think anyone saw.

I’m a puppy!
And I’m in Big Charge
So I cannot let a cat win
(But Brucie can – I like him and he’s feeling better).

Then I was tired so I climbed into bed with Mummy and Daddy
Dont worry.
The Ladies had gone so they weren’t there.

We were all tired.
So we snuggled down.
Daddy and I passed wind
And we went to sleeeeepppppppppppppppp

Wuff and Wags
Dexter x