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2nd December 2023

Dexter’s Day: The Gatekeeper.

It’s been a very busy morning!
I’ve walked Mummy – and watched her walk herself up the hill.
My and Daddy and we and us, have cleaned out the shed –
into the garden, which Mummy isn’t too happy about! (there is stuff everywhere!).

Mummy and me went to the supermarket to get sausages for me to EAT!
Now I’m in Big Charge of the Gate – coz people have been coming through it!
It’s where I sit and talk to Brucie cat: he sits on the other side of it
But we can touch paws and gossip, so it’s good.

I can also watch the hill and see who is playing out in the sunshine!
Jack, my favourite neighbour dog, is out today. He’s wearing a coat!
Molly and Tina, his Labrador sisters, haven’t come with him today
so I’ve had to shout a bit at them to see if they are okay.

I’ve been thunking, now that I’m a big destructordog, I could probably jump over the gate.
And run far , far away.
But I’d need Mummy and Daddy to come with me or they’d be lonely.
And I’d miss my settee and my bed and my food and my treats and my cuddles,
So maybe I’ll just sit tight and keep watch from my side of the gate!
Home is best.

wuff and wags
Dexter x