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11th February 2022

Dexter’s Day: The Gate

It seems the Big Scary Wooden Cupboard

has a cousin.

He is called, The Gate:

And I don’t like him!

He sits at the bottom of the steps to my house


I mean, he keeps Brucie, Harry and Scrappy

Away from me.

When they are crying, I cannot cuddle them.

Or bite them.

Coz The Gate keeps them back.


When the goats come up the hill

And come up the first steps,

I cannot play with them

So shake paws

Because The Gate is in the way!


Worse, when he sees my Mummy,

He opens – and STEALS HER!

She is gone F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

And I cannot see her!


I am very annoyed with The Gate

So I pulled his pretty Cat chimes off

Which made Mummy angry

But I thunked to her that The Gate was naughty

And needed to be taught a lesson.

I also thought the cat chimes

Might open The Gate

But they didn’t.

Pulling them off and breaking one,

Only opened The Dog House –

and I’m in it now……


I’m going to get a tool box

And ”get” The Gate

Then I’m going to ”get” The Big Scary Wooden Door –

in fact, I’ll do that first

Coz I’ll get my biscuits !


Don’t care about The Gate

If I’ve got my biscuits!


Wuff and wags

Dexter x

ps This photo is of the Little Gate. I’m bigger than him now and can jump over him! So There!